Iker Casillas : Madrid needs many local players

The goalkeeper Iker Casillas said that if Real Madrid needs many local players, in order to be re-high performance.

Casillas not without reason to say that. The test is, Los Merengues only had four local players. However, Casillas called for this is not done this season.

"This was really annoying me." Because, this team should be occupied by the player of Spanish origin. However, the fact is that only had that Sergio Ramos was felt that I was young, said Casillas as launching AP on Friday (29/8/2008).

Madrid had not obtained the degree champion of the Champions League about six years. Thus, Casillas hopes that the Shed merengue could increase its collection of the best in Europe. At this time, Madrid has won nine titles.

"We must turn our domination in Europe." The issue has not been made by us within the last six years. However, this fact, had more difficulty than was imagined, said Iker Casillas.

The transfer depends Pavlyuchenko Berbatov?

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claimed frustration pessimistic and saw Tottenham Hotspur stubborn attitude that they never hand over front of Bulgaria, Dimitar Berbatov to Old Trafford. The MU desire to launch the official photograph SKU Berbatov then more experienced failure.

The second bid was submitted by The Red Devils, rate transferred approximately 25 million pounds is still denied the enrichment of the Spurs who wanted great top score equipment was valued in the previous season with a rate of 30 million pounds.

But there were rumors, as that was launched by The Times Online, that Spurs agree freedom Berbatov to Old Trafford if the process recruitmen front of Spartak Moscow, but also Russia Team, Roman Pavlyuchenko was completed. Pavlyuchenko which appeared moderate performance in Euro 2008 was scheduled later to undergo the medical examination at White Hart Lane, this Friday after the Spurs defence according to the data transfer rate of 12.5 million pounds.

Neville prepare for pre-season

Gary Neville claimed to be periods pre-season this time was most important in his preparations entered the new season. Neville must prove his fitness to the coach, afterwards is fighting with Wes Brown contested the position of the right back in squad the Red Devil.

"There were many challenges for me at this time and that was biggest was fighting again was the main choice on Wes," said Neville in the interview with MUTV. "That will have difficulty because of Wes appearing extraordinary the previous season." According to me he was one of the players was most consistent in our team. He was very impressive for the length of the season and he was appropriate to get all of his successes.

"I could speak concerning the injury that forced me to be absent 12 months, but Wes had also experienced the serious injury twice and must be absent for 12 months twice also." Now I know what he was natural at that point and I understood how was difficult his condition. And although Wes younger than me, he became the example how could return to the main team after the long injury. Players United, except them who defended his country in Euro 2008, will come back reported to Carrington (the United training centre) this coming Wednesday to begin preparations season.

"Really season was very important for all the players but for me this time really, very important because I was trying to penetrate the team" of the "champion the English League and the Champions League," said Neville.

Adebayor wants to go to Milan because of salary

Several last weeks the lover of football offered the spectacle like that was exhibited by Emmanuel Adebayor. The Arsenal striker from Togo did confuse the Arsenal fans giving the statement he often kept changing.

At one point said he wanted to stay at Arsenal, after some time later told himself if hesitant with his future in the Emirates. Several parties believe in if the reason for Adebayor wants to leave Arsenal was the problem of payment. He can deny the opinion of this kind, in a manner of speaking that play itself happiness itself. Then, the problem of payment is the case number as many.

However, he implied that if it wanted to be employed as the Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry. With regard to this aspect AC Milan and Barcelona became the candidate would be the hunter Adebayor. Both were believed prepared in great depth, at least 30 million pounds for the player in. Milan could become the big favorite for the new club Adebayor season at the helm. Everything after the Rossoneri Adebayor colleague at Arsenal, Mathieu Flamini. However, recent events have shown, if you are interested in more moving to Barcelona.

Adebayor wishes Milan

The star of Togo stressed the importance of the amount of money that is accepted if Arsenal itself was released to AC Milan or Barcelona and his journey from an Africa that was unknown to become a famous player as in this time. If Wenger sold me, and if that was reported the newspapers were true, they will get 50 or 60 million pounds while they bought me with the price 10 million then.

So clear all the sides were benefitted, said Adebayor to The Independent.
"They must make the good decision, like I wise." Asked how the plan removal him will influence his relations with Arsene Wenger, he answered, "he like the father for me, that was the reason I really loved him." But he brought me to the Arsenal because he believed in my ability. He did not recruit me because I Togolese or because I needed money.

"Certainly I was proud and happy because I came from poor family in Togo in the last seven years." The "arsenal was the great club, I dreamed could play in the Arsenal since childhood."
But currently I have the playing opportunity in one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Nasri closer to Arsenal

The Nasri fortification and Arsenal were close to agreement. Nasri still did not achieve agreement with Arsenal because the contract on the payment of Nasri in the London club. The senior figure of Marseilles, Pape Diofa, Nasri stressed that increasingly came to Arsenal.

Nasri will meet with Arsenal at a cost of the transfer of 15 million pondsterling, this news could be denied by the Agency Nasri, Jean-Pierre Berness. "It was not yet reached agreement." All of them still temporary. We will continue to negotiate with the player and his club.
All of them were in fact still has not ended, but will freeze immediately in the near future accused Jean-Pieree Berness.

Samir personally really liked it appears the new contract presented by Arsenal, he added.
Currently all of them was on the Samir Nasri hands, because he wanted to play strong in the United Arab Emirates in the first season.

Ronaldinho Immediately goes to San Siro

The Brazilian star and Barcelona Ronaldinho apparently was acting. According to the agency at the same time his older brother of Roberto de Assis, his brother remained at a step still gathered with AC Milan. Dinho said will remain at Camp Nou in front season. In another place only Milan official stated his wish shifted the best former player the world twice that.

"We are always in contact with AC Milan. "The possibility that my brother to meet with the club is still wide open. Nothing has changed. Dinho wants to Milan and was the other way around, said De Assis.

The only rival in Milan Dinho hunting was his eternal enemy of Inter Milan.
But, according to the media in Argentina, the player who ever played in Paris Saint Germain this immediately meet with Boca Juniors. It is hard to be denied Assis. "We just spoke with Milan," said Assis